Jim Carpenter's Italian Design & Racing LLC

Serving the worldwide Ferrari market since 1987, providing sales, restoration of Ferraris, as well as Ferraris modified to customer specifications.

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful sports car racing machines ever built, the Ferrari P4 captures the imagination of Ferrari and race fans the world over. Featuring in great movies such as Steve McQueen’s “LeMans” and more recently Disney’s fantastic “Ford v Ferrari” or “ Le Mans 66” film which tells the story of Henry Ford Junior and Enzo Ferrari and of course the great Carol Shelby battling to win the 24 Hours of LeMans, the world’s greatest motor race."

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IDR, born from a heritage of custom coach work and bespoke parts, Ferrari enthusiasts the world over have the opportunity to recreate their very own Ferrari 288 GTO. CEO Jim Carpenter started customizing 308’s in the 1980’s with modifying a 308 GTS into a full true convertible and today it is very much part of the family business. Jim, his sons Michael and Chris, and their team of craftsmen technicians have continued to develop remarkable recreations."

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"The replcia Lancia Stratos chassis and bodywork is produced in the UK by Lister Bell and was shipped to the USA for the final build where IDR installed the Alfa Romeo 3.0litre V6"

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