About IDR

Italian Design and Racing has been serving the worldwide Ferrari market since 1987, providing sales, restoration of Ferraris, as well as Ferraris modified to customer specifications.

IDR has decades of experience with Ferrari, in the world of restoration, racing and recreation. With the use of the latest technologies available to them today such as 3D printing and modern materials, enhancing performance parts and other custom part modifications can more readily be tailored to any customer's bespoke requirements.

With buying his first Ferrari in 1983, Jim bought a 1971 Right hand drive Dino 246 GTS while  in England and importing the car to the USA it was apparent the need for some kind of Ferrari service in the Phoenix area.  Shortly after the Dino landed state-side a left hand drive conversion was started on the car as the first of many custom Ferrari jobs to be done by Jim Carpenter.  Having the Dino opened up many opportunities for Jim from service work to maintenance to custom. 

The young car enthusiast, after spending time with a 308 GTS had a  vision to put a proper full ragtop on the car, similar to the Ferrari Mondial at the time. From there having FRP bodies similar to a 288 GTO made to fit on a 308/328 chassis; the custom car portion of Italian Design and Racing was born.  The GTO style body conversions evolved from body conversions to full purpose race cars for vintage, SCCA and IMSA, to twin turbo longitudinal placed engine swaps to be much closer to the original GTO. 

With the 288 GTO style body work being the most requested, a handful of other vintage Ferrari Re-creations have been completed through the shop using all Ferrari parts including; GTO style Evoluzione, 330 P4’s, 250 GTO’s, and 250 Cal Spyders.  

Now with Jim’s two sons Chris and Michael in the most recent era of Italian Design and Racing, technology has been fully embraced and has revolutionized the approaches to these bespoke cars.  

Today whether it is tuning multi carburation or modern fuel injection unit’s, hand formed aluminum panels or custom carbon fiber parts, a piece needing to be manually machined or on a CNC or 3D printer, Italian Design and Racing has implemented the best of both worlds of classic and modern maintenance and manufacturing.  No Job is too small or too big to be considered by the team at Italian Design and Racing.

  • Carb rebuilding and tuning
  • Distributor rebuilding 
  • Restoration 
  • Manual machining mill lathe 
  • Cnc machining mill, lathe, plasma cutter and router
  • Hand forming english wheel and planishing hammer 
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber parts made and repair 
  • General maintenance 
  • 3D modeling for custom parts or obsolete parts
  • 3D scanning for replication and preservation 
  • 3D printing from prototypes to parts strong enough to be used on a car 
  • 3D printing in 316 stainless 
  • Reverse engineering for replacement or upgrade parts
  • Metal fabrication 
    • Chassis 
    • Suspension 
    • Brackets 
    • Hinges 
    • Latches 
    • Exhaust
  • Small batch manufacturing of obsolete parts 
  • Custom tools made