Ferrari 288 GTO Re-Creation

IDR, born from a heritage of custom coach work and bespoke parts, Ferrari enthusiasts the world over have the opportunity to recreate their very own Ferrari 288 GTO.

CEO Jim Carpenter started customizing 308’s in the 1980’s with modifying a 308 GTS into a full true convertible and today it is very much part of the family business. Jim, his sons Michael and Chris, and their team of craftsmen technicians have continued to develop remarkable recreations.

Since 1987, the most popular conversion has been the 288 GTO-style recreation. At first, the only option available was rebodying the 308. The Fine Car Store in San Diego ordered 11. While building those, more requests came in, such as making the curved 1/4 windows and moving the Ferrari engine longitudinally. All of this engineering was accomplished, leading to more requests like interior changes and increased power using turbo charging. To date, IDR has built more than seventy Ferrari 288 GTO recreations at various levels of specifications to meet customer requirements.

Occasionally, these builds come up for sale on the used car market, commanding premium prices compared to 308/328 stock cars.

IDR can use either a Ferrari 308 or 328 and transform it with a host of performance options using modern technology. Whether you want to race or simply own a classic beauty with updated drivability, IDR will consult with you and provide upgrades and performance improvements backed by years of experience in building these magnificent cars.

Over the years, IDR has developed several power enhancement options for the Ferrari 288 GTO, including blueprinting and turbocharging. Today, they continue to develop turbocharging with full aerospace welded headers custom fit to each car,  as well as supercharging solutions using tried and tested products. With the availability of 3D printing, specialty parts are now easier to create, making customization options nearly endless. IDR can use a variety of Ferrari engines such as a 348, 355, 360, or 430 engines and manual  transmissions.

Other options to consider, besides additional horsepower, are upgraded brakes and suspension packages, bodywork, interior work and much more. IDR will work with you to create your unique driving experience, whether it’s a stripped out race look or a luxurious ride that you imagine. Thanks to their associates and multitude of suppliers, they can work to your exact specifications.

IDR will advise you and help source a suitable vehicle to start the recreation, whether you currently own a Ferrari 308 or 328, or you are starting out with just a desire, thanks to their many contacts built up over decades of involvement with all things Ferrari. On occasion, it has been determined that it was more appropriate to keep the customer’s vehicle original in order to sell it and obtain a more suitable vehicle for the project, saving both money and a potentially classic vehicle.

IDR, with decades of experience, a team of specialized craftsmen, a network of contacts, and a passion for Ferrari, can create an authentic recreation of the Ferrari 288 GTO. Imagine—a GTO hand-built to your exact specifications. Your very own unique and desirable classic!"