Chassis, Suspension & Brakes

The cornerstone to vehicle performance starts with a proper chassis, suspension and brake setup.

Whether you are carving the canyons or looking to have podium finishes at the track, our vault of knowledge enables us to tailor the car to fit your driving application.

Chassis & Suspension

We offer custom handling solutions for all types of design for classic Italian sports cars.

  • Suspension and chassis upgrades
    • Sway bars
    • Bushings
    • Angle corrections
    • Spline and pin drive conversions
    • Custom adjustable coil overs
    • Custom adjustable A-arms
    • Chassis Stiffening
    • Strategic ballast placement


We have the capability to use both factory and aftermarket braking systems to provide the performance that our customers request.

The brakes available today are far superior due to better materials and design. They all importantly give you more stopping power and safety. 

  • Bespoke brake packages
    • Calipers configurations
    • Rotors sizing
    • Pads
    • Mounting
  • Balance Bar
  • Bias Adjustment
  • Master Cylinder Sizing
  • Power Assist or Manual brakes
  • Electronic parking brake options