Ferrari 308 Race Car

Starting in 1989 we commissioned two professionally prepared 308 race cars to be
competitively raced in SCCA’s GT-2 class. We approached the legendary race driver and
developer Bob Wallece to set up the 308’s to unleash the full potential that the car is capable of.
Bob pulled out all of the stops and implemented everything that he could think of from years of
chassis and engine development; everything that potentially could make the cars go faster he
tried and turned out to be successful as the cars both had many wins, including the South
Atlantic SCCA regional championship as a 18 year old race car. Bob made custom tubular A-
arms front and rear to lighten unsprung weight and ample adjustment. With heim adjustment
the front and the rear wheels can have both positive and negative camber and toe adjustment to
optimize driving styles and track configurations. To lower rotational mass and to continue the
diet of removing as much unsprung weight as possible, custom brake caliper adapters were
made to fit JFZ brakes to the 308 spindles with split master cylinders and bias adjustment. The
ride height and dampening is adjustable through custom tuned shock and springs. Fueling can
be done through a dry brake in the center of the hood.

Now for the important parts the drive train. Bob Wallace installed high compression pistons, he
ported and polished the heads, made custom equal length headers and exhaust. With a
properly tuned set of 4 weber carburetors on the car there is no doubt why the car was
successful in its class. In order to keep oil in all of its prime locations a custom dry sump
system was made so there is never a concern of loosing oil pressure in any corner.

  • Built in ‘89
  • Custom dry sump performance build engine by Bob Wallace
  • One off center lock wheels
  • Custom suspension
  • Adjustable rear suspension to even be able to adjust toe in and out
  • Full cage
  • Adjustable brakes
  • Fire system