Engine Performance Parts

While the Ferrari 308, 328 and other classic Ferrari’s were the supercars of their day, to the modern classic car collector, the aforementioned classics aren't as quick out of the box. With a 0-60mph time of just under 8 seconds and a standing quarter taking more than 15 seconds, there is definitely room for improvement.

Here at Italian Design & Racing, we have explored a number of performance improvements for these models over the years, from turbo charging to engine transplants and various other enhancements.

  • Custom turbo setups
    • Single or twin
  • Custom supercharger setups
  • Aerospace grade exhaust systems
  • Fresh air intake ducting
  • Stand-alone ECU controllers
    • Traction control
    • Valet mode
    • Boost controllers
    • Flex fuel
    • Cruise control
    • O2 corrections
    • Staged tunes
    • Data loggers and displays
  • Custom Individual Throttle Body design and manufacturing
  • Custom made intakes
  • Custom cam design
  • Custom pistons

Turbochargers are perhaps a more traditional Ferrari answer to the normally aspirated motor, but experience shows that there is a lot of modification required to fit this. More recently we have been investigating the alternative solution, supercharging. Superchargers are readily available and proven off the shelf products are often more reliable long term than turbocharging. The difficulty has been to find a suitable supercharger to reliably produce the right amount of power without pushing the motor itself too hard and of course getting it to fit.

  • Engine parts
    • Intakes
    • Throttle bodies
    • Filter housing
  • Transmission shifters and shift linkage
  • Custom brackets
  • Custom hinges
  • Custom lenses and lighting
    • Clear and color tinted
  • Custom tool manufacturing
  • General machining as needed

Thanks to the technology available to us today with the use of CAD and 3D printing,  Italian Design & Racing has developed and tested its own custom supercharger adapter which perfectly fits the Ferrari 308 and 328 motors to accommodate the supercharger, itself a proven and reliable part.

This combination will safely increase the power output for a Ferrari 308 from the standard 225bhp to upwards of 375bhp. That is a 67% power increase over the standard output, a significant performance increase and well within the motor’s capability.

Italian Design & Racing’s expert team will help integrate a full performance package.

What is more, this performance enhancing product fitment can be readily reversed to return the car to stock at any time without any major rework to the vehicle. We engineer our solutions to ensure that the vehicle’s original condition is not impaired, to maintain its value.