Ferrari 328 GTB with 288 GTO style body work

Over the last 30+ years we have done many conversions to both 308’s and 328’s but none of them have had even close to the same attention to detail that this car has.  Starting out with a rare factory 1986 Ferrari 328 GTB helped make the interior that much closer to a GTO rather than a 308.  While this conversion maintains the original engine, the body conversion is second to none.  The car is freshly serviced and ready to be enjoyed.  Everything that was done on this car was intended to make it look as accurate as an original 288 GTO, everything as follows has been changed on the car.

  • 288 GTO style nose
  • 288 GTO style front hood grill
  • 288 GTO style front grill and fog lights
  • 288 GTO style bumpers
  • 288 GTO style mirrors
  • 288 GTO style tail
  • 288 GTO style rockers
  • 288 GTO style engine lid with grills
  • 288 GTO exterior door handles
  • 288 GTO style ¼ window scoops
  • Daytona seats
  • Hand cut in body seam lines similar to the original 288 GTO
  • HRE 505 wheels

A suitable upgrade option for the car to take it to the next level performance wise would be a single turbo and modern fuel injection.  Let us know if that would interest you on the car.