Renault Alpine A110

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In 1965 Renault set up factories all over the world to build cars locally and skirt import tariffs. In Brazil, the company set up shop with Interlagos, and the cars were built under license by Willys Overland do Brasil S.A., the brand name being Willys Interlagos. The Bulgarian operation was called Bulgaralpine, and the Mexican operation in Vallejo City was a tie-up With DINA (Diesel Nacional), dubbed Dinalpin. Others were built in Spain, and of course, France. During this time of production the company was still owned by its founder, Jean Rédelé. 

The French A110s were built in comparatively higher volumes, but the Dinalpins are much scarcer. Numbers are hard to come by, but an approximate total production of Alpines is 10,000 units, the last being built in 1978. It is believed that less than 1,000 examples of the Dinalpin were produced. 

A110s are obviously sleek, low lying, and attractive, with their Italian designed body by Michelotti. All were built on a Spine type chassis, rear engined, with a 4 speed transaxle. A variety of engines were used, ranging from 956cc to 1.8L in displacement, and with an array of cylinder head configurations. The body was fiberglass and the combination proved to be incredibly successful as rally cars. An A110 won the Monte Carlo rally in 1971 and in 1973 won the WRC manufactures championship winning 6 of 13 events in the hand of 4 different drivers. While perhaps not well known in the US, they have a cult following in other parts of the world, particularly in their homeland.