New Premises

Exciting expansion for IDR as we move into a new premises in Fountain Hills, with 0ver 12,000 sq.ft giving us more than twice the space for our work and storage, allowing a greater level of organization for the various technologies we employ to have their own dedicated space.

  • 2000 Sqft showroom
  • 2200 Sqft custom shop and engineering
  • 8400 sqft maintenance and storage

These areas will be further organized to accomodate the specific elements of our work with their own defined space and equipment.

  • showroom
  • engineering lab
  • custom shop
  • machine shop
  • fabrication
  • restoration shop
  • maintenance shop
  • short or long term storage

Italian Design & Racing are also planning to host events for local car clubs and regular meets for car enthusiasts and more. As the new shop comes together we'll be posting more news of the exciting new developments.