Ferrari 360/430 : Gated 6-Speed Transmission

Gated 6-Speed Transmission : Modena Lucerna and IDR operation triple pedal collaboration

Since the inception of the Modena Lucerna 360 6 speed conversion concept Italian Design and Racing has worked with Modena Lucerna in the devlopment on the concept, improving both its operation and installation. 

Modena Lucerna contracted with IDR based upon years of expertise designing complex Ferrari parts to assist with making drivability and ergonomic improvements upon the factory parts.  

This team has meticulously assessed and critiqued every OEM part to fully understand how the system was intended to function.  With this knowledge the team was able to find improvements using modern technology. The team's product development philosophy resulted in numerous design iterations to produce a fully functional high quality solution.

IDR seamlessly installed the Modena Lucerna’s very first 360 6 speed package, this demonstrated both the team's completion of the product development and IDR’s ability to effectively install the system. This was achieved through the use of proprietary fixtures and procedures, causing the team to be able to accurately repeat each step of the installation process.

The focus on manufacturability and the installation process has resulted in a true plug and play conversion package. IDR has over 35 years of Ferrari ownership, restoration, racing, and custom performance parts, our team would be privileged to assist in any of your 6 speed conversion needs and welcome you to our close knit community.

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