Ferrari 330 P4 Re-Creation

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful sports car racing machines ever built, the Ferrari P4 captures the imagination of Ferrari and race fans the world over. Featuring in great movies such as Steve McQueen’s “LeMans” and more recently Disney’s fantastic “Ford v Ferrari” or “ Le Mans 66” film which tells the story of Henry Ford Junior and Enzo Ferrari and of course the great Carol Shelby battling to win the 24 Hours of LeMans, the world’s greatest motor race.

IDR began recreating this iconic Ferrari racing legend in 1990. Depending on the donor car that is  used the chassis is modified as needed to make upgrades and fit to application to hold true to the original 330 P4 suspension. Testing and development of refinements to the structure give a real race car feel while also lending a little comfort to the overall ride as a vehicle to be used on the road. In 1997 when the celebration of Ferrari’s win at Daytona 1,2,3 we were invited to bring one of our cars since none of the original cars were available. This attests to both the quality and the resemblance.

The engine and drive train remains all Ferrari with several options on the motor itself ranging from a more modern Tipo V8 to a V12 motor in keeping with the original race car. As always, the customer’s choice with the guidance of IDR’s experience. Initially the cars used the Ferrari 308 Tipo V8 which evolved to the Ferrari 550’s V12 more in keeping with the original race motor. Again though the customer has the option to utilize whatever they may from Ferrari 330 to 365 to 360 to 550. The choice is always yours. 

Getting into suspension and braking is a whole other science in it of itself.  Each car is built to application and use that a customer has in mind.  Utilizing current technology with brake calipers and pad compounds we have been able to replicate the braking experience of a modern car while leaving some flexibility of dialing in to your driving style with bias adjustment and balance bars.  Adjustable shocks come standard on all of our cars and neutrally balanced for normal use.  Track and racing uses will need to be consulted to help fit your needs.

Depending on availability either original Campangolo wheels or modern reproductions are used with the original 3 eared center lock knock off nut.  With a few tire manufacturers available including Avon, Mickey Thompson, and Firestone there is nothing quite more impressive than the 12” wide rear wheels behind the car.

The body work is available in mostly modern composite material with some parts available in aluminum as an upgrade option.  Retaining many original styling cues and original lights the car turns heads everywhere the pilot sends it.  

Hand finished by IDR’s in house craftsmen high and quality paint shop. Available in any color.

The interior is a faithful reproduction of the original spartan race trim, using gauges and instrumentation sympathetic to the era, custom hand made seats reminiscent in style of the 1960’s. There is such elegance in the simplicity of the P4 interior along many other cars of that era.

IDR offers this authentic recreation of the Ferrari P4 accompanied by decades of experience and a team of craftsmen each with their own specialist area contributing to the exacting standards of the finished product, a unique and hand built recreation of an extraordinary classic Ferrari P4, your very own.