Since 1987 we have modified customers Ferraris to fulfill their specific desires. We have to date modified 54 customer cars with 288 styled bodies both on Ferrari 308 and 328 chassis’s. Several of those chassis had their motors moved longitudinally and twin turboed as well as 348 engines and gearboxes used. We are currently doing two projects utilizing 36 motors and transmissions along with 360 suspension components.

Racing has always been a staple at IDR having now completed 10 Ferrari 308’s modified into fully legal SCCA GT-2 race cars with competition suspension and engines and the 288 style bodywork.  With vintage racing being an exciting market these cars have yet another option of usage from SCCA to Ferrari club events to historic racing.

We have modified 4 customers Ferraris utilizing Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 chassis’s and placing upon them P4 style bodywork.  The most recent car was delivered with 550 Maranello power.

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