1978 Ferrari 308 GTB

1978 Ferrari 308 GTO with 288 got body style conversion.
This car was converted for the fine car store in San Diego in 1990 and was one of the 10 cars converted by Jim Carpenter for them
Having now done 65 cars it has been exciting to have again one of the first cars we did
The car has just completed an extensive retro fit to current standards which included proper front GTO style front spoiler, proper lower rocker brake duct, new door skins, GTO style black leather seats, custom 308 GTO floor mats, custom GTO style HRE 16", 8"&10" wheels and many other items to bring the car to match current standards
246 hours spent in the retro fit this year

The car comes complete with vehicle history from 1999 totaling almost $45k spent on the car
1. $5k spent on carb rebuild
2. New Koni shocks
3. Rebuilt suspension
4. Custom stainless exhaust
Plus match more

This is an excellent car and with the values of these early 308's most likely would not be replicated

We still modify cars, this car is just a great car to drive and enjoy

The bodies are still available if you desire

To give you an idea of what it takes to replace a car such as this:
1. GTO style body $12,500
2. When a car drives in it takes approximately 120 hours to strip the stock body and prep the car for the conversion
3. It takes 185 hours to attach the new body to the chassis
4. The body work and paint take on average 200 hours
5. GTO style wheels and tires
6. GTO style seats